Evaporative cooling is the process of dripping water over pads and blowing air across them into the structure. Over the years the units have been designed better but the process is still the same. They bring in 100% outside air and the windows of the structure must remain partially open to replace the cooled air with new. As humidity levels rise the efficiency goes down and the body feels no relief from the heat. swamp cooler

The transition from liquid water to water vapor is evaporation, using this process to cool offers several benefits. A structure can be cooled with less energy and there is no need for duct work. Each room in the building or home can have a window slightly open and the air flow will reach the desired area. Evaporative cooling only works in dry desert climates and uses a very precious comodity in dry areas...water. Using refrigeration for cooling is significantly more comfortable and saves water.


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A clean filtration system? More important then you think!

There are many important parts involved with heating, cooling & air conditioning your home. None much more important then your filter! It can raise your utility bill, lower the life expectancy of the equipment and leave you with no heat on a cold winter night. Left unchecked it clogs and wreaks havoc on your system. 75% of all phone calls we get are clogged filter related. Fortunately for our customers, we walk them through the issue most of the time right over the phone. We have an android phone app that you can download, it will remind you on your cell phone to check your filter. You can get the app HERE!!!