A furnace limit-switch reset is probably needed if your blower will not shut off even with the thermostat in the off position

furnace limit switch

The filter is probably dirty and causing the furnace to overheat, thus tripping the limit switch. Newer models have a reset button (see pic) tht can be pushed in to reset. Older models may need time to cool, then they will self-reset. Other causes could be various air flow issues like furniture blocking the return grill or too many supply registers closed.


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A clean filtration system? More important then you think!

There are many important parts involved with heating, cooling & air conditioning your home. None much more important then your filter! It can raise your utility bill, lower the life expectancy of the equipment and leave you with no heat on a cold winter night. Left unchecked it clogs and wreaks havoc on your system. 75% of all phone calls we get are clogged filter related. Fortunately for our customers, we walk them through the issue most of the time right over the phone. We have an android phone app that you can download, it will remind you on your cell phone to check your filter. You can get the app HERE!!!