HVAC Filtration FAQ's

You should start out every 60 days and if the filter looks OK go to every 90 days. Adjust accordingly. Once you've determined the amount of time it takes to get dirty set a reminder so you don't forget. You can also go to our main site and download our phone app, it has a filter reminder!
The HAVC filtration system differs with every home, generally it is in the return. Check under the furnace or air handler if it is an upflow, check on the top of the furnace/air handler if it a downflow.
They shouldn't, more then one filter is restricting air flow and leeds to higher utility bills. It would be as though the filter is dirty.
Click on the "Filter Hints" button for the answer.
Permanant washable filters are great! We like the cheap disposable ones but the next best thing is washables. You simply take them out and hose them off and slap 'em back in! They are made of hog hair and do a good job without restricting air flow.
cooling filter

We can order any size filter you need, most are common sizes available at the big box stores but we are here to help if you need us to find a size for you. Always remeber that a dirty furnace or air handler filter will cause you to pay more on the utility bill and diminish the longevity of the unit.


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A clean filtration system? More important then you think!

There are many important parts involved with heating, cooling & air conditioning your home. None much more important then your filter! It can raise your utility bill, lower the life expectancy of the equipment and leave you with no heat on a cold winter night. Left unchecked it clogs and wreaks havoc on your system. 75% of all phone calls we get are clogged filter related. Fortunately for our customers, we walk them through the issue most of the time right over the phone. We have an android phone app that you can download, it will remind you on your cell phone to check your filter. You can get the app HERE!!!