Rootop package units, 4-ton and 2-ton. We will fabricate, install and cut in the supply, exhaust and return ducts. We will install the 1600 CFM upblast exhaust fan and 2-ton split in corner offices. Includes electrical and controls.

link to a very rough drawing of plan

4-ton unit to dust areas

combo unit

Up-blast rooftop Exhaust

package unit

2-ton unit for upper floors

package unit

The 4-ton return will be taken from the open warehouse. The supply ducts will be strategically placed for maximum comfort on the ceiling of the bottom floors. We can hook to the fan filter units we discussed but this design may not need them. The exhaust ducts will be along the walls close to the floor. The exhaust ducts will connect together at a filter bag location. 20" Diameter 30 Micron Dust Filter Bag (OB102L) 20" diameter x 47" Long. This bag is made with a high durability fabric that can be washed to make clean up fast and easy. Bag size (Diameter x Height): 20" x 47". Here is a link to the bag
The 2-ton heat pump rooftop unit will be a typical installation of supply and return ducts to the upper floors.

We will install a typical fan coil unit on the ceiling of the corner offices. We will set a 2-ton condensing unit on a pad outside in the back. We will run supply and return ducts to each office through. We can hook to the fan filter units we discussed, supplied by you.

combo unit
package unit
package unit


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