An air conditioning system requires three main parts (or units) the outdoor unit called a condenser, an evatorator coil and an indoor unit called a furnace or air handler. The outdoor condensing unit condenses the refrigerant and sends it back to the indoor unit to gather heat from the home and send it outside. The system is actually taking heat out of the home. With a properly sized system and a professionally installed duct system the summers can be efficiently comfortable.

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The southwest region is still cooled with evaporative type cooling called swamp coolers. The majority of structures can get down around 18 degrees lower then ambient, but the effect on the body is still somewhat sticky due to the humid air being introduced. The solution is called a refrigerated air conversion. The conversion is a simple process for most homes and utilizes the existing duct system. Residential homeowners are starting to realize that modern air conditioners are very energy efficient and the utility bill for refrigerated is not much more then evaporative.


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A clean filtration system? More important then you think!

There are many important parts involved with heating, cooling & air conditioning your home. None much more important then your filter! It can raise your utility bill, lower the life expectancy of the equipment and leave you with no heat on a cold winter night. Left unchecked it clogs and wreaks havoc on your system. 75% of all phone calls we get are clogged filter related. Fortunately for our customers, we walk them through the issue most of the time right over the phone. We have an android phone app that you can download, it will remind you on your cell phone to check your filter. You can get the app HERE!!!