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From a simple dirty filter issue to a blower motor change, it's really not that difficult to repair your own furnace. We are going to be adding tutorials and videos over the course of the next few years in the hope we save some folks some service call money. We will also be helping people get parts and giving advice. Email or call for that. If you don't see your issue and get help the first try we appoligize as this is a work in progress!

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Condensing Units

From a simple dirty coil issue to a condenser motor change, it's really not that difficult to repair your own condenser. We know it takes an EPA license and a very experienced technician to get the refrigeration levels just right but there are things that a home owner can do by themselves. It's only a couple of wires and screws to change a motor. It very easy to clean coils and replace a capacitor. One of the first tutorials you'll see on this site is basic things we see all the time when visiting a home or business.

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Air Conditioning

Package Units

Package units are a litlle more difficult to work on as a DIY'er but not impossible. The tutorials will be a litle harder to follow so we will make sure to simplify as much as possible. The process of heating and cooling is the same as a split system but these are compacted in to one big box. Package units need to be taken apart for the evaporator to be cleaned. Intimadating once you open it up but we will do our best to instruct you on your repair.

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